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Reducing poverty

Swedfund invests in companies that contribute to sustainable growth, job creation and improved access to socially important products and services in developing countries. With sustainable investments, we create the right conditions for people to support themselves and lift themselves out of poverty.


Sectors in focus
Swedfund has chosen to invest in four sectors: Energy & Climate, Financial Inclusion, Sustainable Enterprises and Food Systems. By focussing resources and expertise on selected areas, we increase the effectiveness of our business and our impact.
We have a Theory of Change for each sector that forms our starting point when we analyse an investment and identify direct and indirect impacts. We have also developed sector-specific indicators for impact measurement.
Number of interventions initiated in 2023

Project Accelerator

The Project Accelerator is a facility within Swedfund whose work aims to support public project owners in developing countries to develop and implement more sustainable and financially viable infrastructure projects.
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